Sunrisebait products are available on a wholesale level!!!  We encourage anyone with a Marina, Tackle Store , Baitshop or even someone willing to sell out of their home to contact us!!! Sunrisebait was started and continues to operate as a home business!!! Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S economy and I would encourage and support anyone who is willing to start one!!

10 thoughts on “Wholesale

  1. Andrew Scrivner says:

    I have family in Gaston and Cornelius. My grandfather was the pastor at Scoggins Valley Church – Chauncy Scrivner. I now live in Seattle, but the Scrivners have been in your area for 50 years.
    I recently started my own tackle company “Scrivvy Lures and Tackle” and would like to buy your cured eggs wholesale. Please let me know how to proceed.

  2. Keith says:

    Open my business last year bobber down bait Co LLC and Otis Oregon looking for a supply of eggs. 5419920053

  3. Stephen William Egert says:

    Ed. What’s the current cost for 1 qt cured eggs. I am trying to get a baseline cost for sales of your eggs. I understand Costs are going up due to the increasing costs of everything. I was wondering if $ 18.00 per lb is to much. I use my own cure on your eggs. Typically a full qt is about $ 35.00 correct me if I am wrong. Stephen , steph. Hebo Oregon. Just need some advice. Thanks again Ed. Steph

  4. Kevin wilson sr says:

    I’m looking to purchase 5 to 10 pounds of uncured salmon roe some time in August, is that possible?

  5. Michael Rosenbusch says:

    Would it be possible to buy a jar of cured salmon eggs from your store. I live in Michigan and need them by Thursday/Friday

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