Steelhead Fried Nuggets

Here’s a great recipe for all those steelhead you catch with your Sunrise Bait Cured Eggs and it works for all fish! Start by filleting your catch. Then you want to skin the fillets. The easiest way for me is to cut straight down at the middle of the fillet but not through the skin. This gives you a handle to hold, now turn the knife sideways and follow the skin to the end, then reverse and hold the loose skin and slide the knife along the skin to finish the other side. Now cut the skinned fillets into similar pieces that will cook evenly. Dip the fillets in egg wash, roll in crush saltine crackers, I use a rolling pin and a zip lock bag to crush mine, then fry in 1/2 butter 1/2 vegetable or olive oil. Season while frying with your favorite seasonings and when they are brown they are done! Be sure and not to overcook, you might have to sample some right out of the pan to be sure! I always do.