Spring Fisheries.. Got bait?

3-26-13 The days are getting longer and most of you know what that means.. Spring Chinook and Summer Steelhead. These are my favorite fisheries of the year and I think a lot of others feel the same way. The longer days give you plenty of fishing time and still leaves the daylight hours to get the other things you need to do mostly accomplished. This year has started a little slow but that seems to be the trend in the last few years. The fish trickle in and then all of a sudden.. bang.. its on.. Trolling, to bait fishing the bigger water and bank fishing all seem to start warming up at the same time , and I believe that’s the key ….Warmer water, and the air temperature to keep it that way.. A few degrees of water warming and the fish start moving and biting. So.. the reason for this blog is to remind everyone that as usual bait supplies seem to get a little tighter this time of year and this year I think it will be worse. Our supply of Sunrisebait cured eggs is about 1/2 of what I usually have and I think a lot of other egg suppliers are in the same position. The comercial fall fisheries in a lot of places were well down last year, so bait was unavailable to buy in large amounts. So, no matter where you get them don’t wait until the last minute to buy eggs. Get them and put them away. They will always keep until fall or winter fishing. Thanks, and good luck out there this year and be safe!!! Ed