Northwest Outdoor Adventure Show

10-30-11 Its been a busy 2 months so I have been kind of quiet but here’s the latest! The fresh egg season has ended and it was good. We have a good supply of cured eggs and some frozen uncured. The egg season was a quick one because it was mostly all King eggs. They came in August and September and then it was done. The coho run as predicted was down and the B run just hasn’t shown at all. So if its frozen uncured you are after contact us soon!! Another exciting thing that happened was I was invited to do a short interview on egg curing with Lance Fisher of Northwest Outdoor Adventures Show. It was a first for me doing that sort of thing but I think it came off pretty good. The show is capturing a larger and larger audience all the time and it was fun to be a part of it. Lance is a great guy and you feel real comfortable talking on the show with him. We plan to do more and we will see how it goes! For me its time to do a little fishing and see if these eggs I am curing are up to snuff!! Check our gallery pics out in a month or two and see what’s biting. Good luck fishing!! Ed