Fresh Uncured Salmon Eggs

Its not to early to think about getting on our 2011 fresh egg list. The fresh egg season begins with Spring Chinook roe in June-July, but the majority of our supply comes August- October and a few in November. August is the month for King eggs and September begins the coho or silver roe season. There are different ways to make connections with us, Locally the eggs can be picked up at our shop in Forest Grove which is 25 miles west of Portland. Another popular way is to meet on the I-5 corridor, either North up to Seattle-Tacoma area or South to the Albany area, I can and do travel farther on occasion for larger orders so timing is everything! We can also ship Fresh Salmon eggs Fedex and Express or priority mail to most places in the U.S.A. and some in Canada. Alaska Air Cargo is also Available for Larger Orders. A lot of our Uncured Salmon eggs are frozen and then 2-3 day shipped to make the more reasonable on smaller orders! To place your name on our list or if you have any questions, I can be reached at 503-320-9895 or 503-359-5204. E-mail works well also . Thanks and good luck fishing, Ed