Uncured Salmon Eggs

We receive our fresh Salmon eggs straight out of the fish in large quantities from July through October. The eggs are bagged and packed in ice to maintain freshness and quality during transport. We will sometimes arrange a central meeting location for everyone to meet and pick their eggs up.

They are also available the same day we get them at our house for pickup. If you want fresh eggs you will need to contact me by phone, text, or e-mail and arrange to be put on the order list. We then will call you when we know when we are getting the fresh eggs in.

We can ship fresh eggs next day by air or ground but a lot of customers have us freeze and then ship 2 day making it more reasonable. We do offer uncured flash frozen eggs most of the year.

Sunrise Bait products are also available with bulk pricing. We encourage anyone with a Marina, Tackle Store, Baitshop, or even someone willing to sell out of their home to contact us. Sunrise Bait was started and continues to operate as a home business. Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S economy and I would encourage and support anyone who is willing to start one! 

Contact us to order your fresh or flash frozen eggs today!