We receive our fresh Salmon eggs straight out of the fish in large quantities from July through October. The eggs are bagged and packed in ice to maintain freshness and quality during transport. We sometime arrange a central meeting location for everyone to meet and pick their eggs up. They are also available the same day we get them at our house for pickup. If you want fresh eggs you will need to contact me by phone or e-mail and arrange to be put on the order list. We then will call you when we know when we are getting the fresh eggs in. We can ship fresh eggs next day by air or ground but a lot of customers have us freeze and then ship 2 day making it more reasonable. We do offer uncured flash frozen eggs most of the year. To order fresh or flash frozen eggs call 503-359-5204 or 503-320-9895 also e-mail

73 thoughts on “Fresh Salmon Eggs

  1. Carl Kangas says:

    Please let me know if you have or getting any fresh uncured salmon eggs
    And what is cost per pound? And where they can be picked up?

  2. James L Kegley says:

    I’m looking to buy fresh salmon eggs . I live in yakima Washington . Is there a minimum order , and how much a pound.

  3. Chris says:

    Is it too late for fresh skein in your neck of the woods ? I am a Great Lakes fisherman and salmon season is only right around the corner.

  4. Craig Mendell says:

    Looking for 20 # + fresh unfrozen eggs. Cured is ok if they are not dry.
    This is a serious inquiry. Have used your jarred product in the past. Like to use my magic on a batch.

  5. David Martin says:

    Thanks for your fast response to my order I caught a lot of fish off of the last jar y’all made sure I got my order promptly thanks

  6. Damian Wisowaty says:

    How do I handle use and keep flash frozen eggs I’m new to the salmon steelhead game ? I have used cured eggs of yours before.

  7. Robert says:

    Hello, I live in northern california along the Klamath River. Salmon Roe is perfect for steel head fishing. I have a friend that recently purchased some of your fresh eggs and I liked what I saw. I would also be interested in trying out a jar of your pre cured, but mainly am interested in buying some fresh. Thank you!

  8. Jason Milkey says:

    I’m interested in purchasing some of your fresh salmon eggs. Do you do any caring to the eggs before shipping? If you flash freeze without caring won’t that affect the quality of the egg? Curious how to get them here in the mail as fresh as possible. I’m interested in 2 to 3 lb and will pay shipping to get here ASAP. I live in Southern Michigan and would like to have them by Thursday evening. Let me know if you think this is possible. Thank you for your time.

  9. Wen says:

    Hi, would like to know how much per pound for fresh uncured eggs? And what will be the shipping cost to Irvine, CA? Thanks

  10. Joe Johnson says:

    When will you guys be getting fresh eggs in stock? (probably hard to say right now with covid shipping delays and everything!) Also, what is the price per pound?

    Thank you!

  11. DAN GILBERT says:

    HI I want to buy some fresh uncured skeins, around 5 pounds probably, Dan Gilbert, 503-896-6719 , 65900 E. MOUNTAIN AIR DR, WELCHES, OR, 97067

  12. WilliAm Smith says:

    Hey guys, I’m interested in getting some fresh uncured eggs please. I’m in Gresham Oregon! I love your guys cures eggs, I’d like to try my own with some fresh beautiful berries from you guys!

  13. Mark Peterson says:

    I am interested in ordering 2 to 4 pounds of fresh-frozen salmon or steelhead eggs to be shipped to NW Montana. Thank you for you attention.

  14. Jonathan Owsley says:

    Interested in uncured salmon eggs roe would like around 5 lb was wondering on price per lb and if any were available. Thank you

  15. Barry Mornes says:

    I am looking for some cured trout skein, I live in PA. I would like to know if you have any now and how much it would be a pound if available. Steelhead preferred but salmon if no trout available.

  16. Tom Lapp says:


    Do you have fresh frozen salmon eggs this month? I need to know the price and what size or weight bag you can send. If you have a smaller bag under 10 lbs that would be plenty. Fishing the Umatilla and its a little fast this time of year so tighter skeins would be good if you have some.


  17. Lucy says:

    I’d like to buy fresh uncured salmon eggs. Live in Auburn WA. How much per lb? Please call ot text at (253)5615208

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hi my name is Peter from Sacramento CA. I like to buy fresh uncured salmon eggs . What is price for lb. Please call me or text : 916 2254512 thank you

  19. Peter says:

    Need to buy fresh uncured salmon eggs. What is price per lb. I’m from Sacramento CA 916 2254512 call me or text.

  20. Dana Mills says:

    Looking to buy five or ten pounds of uncured salmon eggs and shipped to Anchorage, Alaska. Cost of salmon eggs and shipping costs please.

  21. Paul Breese says:

    I would also like to buy some uncured salmon eggs. Frozen ones are fine. I live close enough to pick them up. Availability and price?

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