After I purchased cured eggs how do I store them?
Either freeze or keep in refrigeration for up to 2 weeks. In a sealed Jar up to 30 days in refrigeration. Frozen in a sealed jar up to a year or more. You should not freeze and thaw more than 3 times.
Any discounts for larger orders?
There is!!  The best way for the average guy to save is to buy the cured eggs in bulk 2-5 lb bags!!  This saves me time and material in packaging and I will pass those savings along!! It will be a custom order so you will need to contact me via phone 503-320-9895 or e-mail
Can we order fresh salmon eggs online?
You will need to contact Ed directly!!  503-320-9895  Fresh eggs are seasonal.. June- November and availability is day to day.
Do you sell single eggs?
Some, not very many!!  All the fish we get eggs from are food grade so the eggs tend to be mostly in skein. Call  or e-mail for availability on singles!!
How do I pay?
As of now we are using Paypal. You can order the products available  online by clicking the buy now button or call for a custom order and we can e-mail you an invoice or do a credit card over the phone. Some chose to send a check or money order and that is fine. We ship when it arrives or clears!!
How do you ship cured eggs?
Fedex or U.S postal service. most cost efficient ways are... in Oregon, Washington and California  Fedex or U.S. Postal flat rate ... West coast to the Rockies is U.S. postal priority flat rate or Fedex... Rockies to the East Coast  U.S. Priority Flat rate.. Other options are available but tend to cost more. Contact Ed @ 503-320-9895 or e-mail us. 
How do you ship uncured eggs?
Fedex is the best. Most of the time they are shipped frozen. During the fresh egg season July- Nov.. We use Express Mail, Fedex and Alaska Airlines for larger orders.
What are your store hours?
7 Am-9 Am  Pacific Standard Time, Other than that drop me an e-mail.  I check those every morning!! 
What type of cure do you use?
Sulfite based with a combination of dyes or a brined, dried and boraxed process. We can also custom cure for those that wish something different.
Where do your eggs come from?
Processors and Hatchery surplus in Oregon and Washington.