Sunrise Bait was started and is supported by a demand for a quality cured egg product. For years the retail market has had a limited supply of firm, brightly colored eggs that milk a good scent trail–The kind that fish are eager to bite. Serious anglers know what they want, but finding good bait can be tough. We simply provide that product through centrally located retail outlets. We also ship to most locations!!!! The great look alone of our “Sunrise Bait” cured Salmon eggs sell it. The fish catching ability of our cured eggs keep customers coming back for more. By using “Sunrise Bait” eggs, you should increase your catch dramatically.

We start with the finest and freshest  King or Coho roe available. The Skeins are split and then cured with our special cure mixture. They are layered in large tubs and allowed to sit for at least 12 hours and then drained and dried for another 12 hours. They are then packaged and refrigerated for 5-7 days and then frozen for freshness. Then they can be unthawed during Chinook season or Steelhead season as needed for the finest cured eggs all year long.

The repeat sales and new customers keep store owners ordering regularly, often weekly. This helps ensure the fresh product that consumers ask for by name. “Sunrise Bait” eggs are a “must have” for every angler. We use a sodium base cure with a combination of florescent and hard dyes that make the finished product shine. Fish can’t resist that milky glow streaming off “Sunrise Bait” eggs. Try some and see for yourself. You will be happy you did. We also “custom cure” for customers so don’t be afraid to call and talk to me about that. Ed 503-359-5204

To order your sunrise Cured Salmon eggs, please click here. To place an order outside the U.S.A. You must contact us directly to insure delivery as postage will need to be calculated.

26 thoughts on “Cured Salmon Eggs

  1. Reggie says:

    Hello Ed. I’m from CT and I’m interested in learning more about fishing with eggs. I like your story, hopefully me and my fishing friends will become lifetime customers.

  2. Patrick Walsh says:

    Could you send me a jar of this I am from Ireland and have used something similar but cannot get again

  3. Patrick Walsh says:

    Could you send me a jar of this I am from Ireland and have used something similar but cannot get again, I am willing to pay any extra postage

  4. jeffrey ruckteschler says:

    I have been buying eggs from Suzie and Ed for years and wanted to take the opportunity to tell everyone that their eggs are the bomb!
    The roe is always fresh and catches fish like no ones business. Thank You 🙂

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