About Us

Hello, my name is Ed Rice. I grew up in Scoggins Valley, Oregon (Hagg Lake area), and I have spent the last 35 years in Forest Grove. I started Salmon fishing with my grandfather in 1972, and caught my first Salmon bobber fishing in the “Two Bit Hole” on the Trask River. I have been hooked ever since. I caught my first Steelhead a couple years later on the Kilches River. Over the years I have been fortunate to meet people, and made many good friends that have enjoyed fishing. Together we have explored, and learned as many Oregon / Washington rivers as we could. I think its safe to say “I have covered as much of the water in Northwest Oregon as most people have”.

In 1985 I married my wife Suzie, and since we’ve just celebrated our 30th anniversary, I think she has accepted my lifestyle, and I enjoy her company and appreciate her hard work!! Bookkeeping and keeping me as organized and clean as can be expected is a full time job. She does help with the curing, packaging and deliveries as well. We have two beautiful daughters, Melanie and Elizabeth who have become great helps as well. They help with deliveries and packaging and once in a while with fishing, er.. I mean testing of our products. Those girls can set a hook. I have worked as a meatcutter for 33 years and recently retired from the industry. Being the egg-man seems to be my job description right now and thats all right by Me!!

In 2002 we started our bait company “Sunrise Bait” which in the last several years has grown dramatically, we must be doing something right. It’s a good feeling to hear  people specifically ask for your product. Retailers contact us to ask about stocking our bait in their stores, but we are constantly looking for more. Word of mouth in the fishing community is priceless and I do appreciate all the help from everyone. The volume of sales, repeat customers and the positive feedback speaks for itself. I feel its safe to say Sunrise Bait is one of the leaders in the bait industry and is here to stay!!