Cured Salmon Eggs

One look at our Sunrise Bait Cured Salmon eggs, and they sell themselves. The fish catching ability of our cured eggs keep customers coming back for more. By using Sunrise Bait eggs, you can increase your catch dramatically.

We start with the finest and freshest King or Coho roe available. The skeins are split and then cured with our special cure mixture. They are layered in large tubs and allowed to sit for at least 12 hours and then drained and dried for another 12 hours. They are then packaged and refrigerated for 5-7 days and then frozen for freshness. Then they can be thawed during Chinook season or Steelhead season as needed for the finest cured eggs all year long.

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Uncured Salmon Eggs

We receive our uncured Salmon eggs straight out of the fish in large quantities from July through October. The eggs are then bagged and packed in ice to maintain freshness and quality during transport. Often the fresh Salmon eggs are available the same day they are harvested, by pickup at a prearranged location or by appointment at our office.

All orders for fresh Salmon eggs must be made by contacting us by phone, text or email to ensure availability and arrange a pickup time and location. If no uncured eggs are available, we will add you to our waiting list and contact you when they become available. We also offer uncured flash frozen eggs most of the year. We can also ship fresh uncured Salmon eggs with next day shipping or frozen eggs with 2 day shipping.

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About Sunrise Bait

Sunrise Bait was started and is supported by a demand for a quality cured egg product. For years the retail market has had a limited supply of firm, brightly colored eggs that milk a good scent trail – the kind that fish are eager to bite. So, in 2002 we started our bait company Sunrise Bait to fill this void, and we have grown dramatically ever since.

We offer the highest quality cured and uncured Salmon eggs and have gained a reputation for providing a product that anglers love. We are regularly contacted by asking us about stocking our bait in their stores. The volume of sales, repeat customers and the positive feedback speaks for itself. It’s safe to say Sunrise Bait is one of the leaders in the bait industry and we are here to stay!

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